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0049_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

All the way from Degoobah .. to be annoyed by pesky Seagulls 


0606_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures (1).jpg

This is our very favourite ... Stuck Up, Half-Witted, 

Scruffy Looking NERF HERDER!!


0978_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

Will Leia excape from Jabba the  Huts Palace? You best come and see the show to find out... !!!


0173_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

The REAL Hero!! 


0611_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

What could C3PO possibly have to show you? 

You might be SURPISED to find out! 


1196_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

Loving all things on THE DARK SIDE including LORD VADER!!! 


0430_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

The HOTTEST Twerking Ewoks around!! 


0772_StarWarzDeNude Jan21 2024_HazeCaptures.jpg

These Jedi are hiding MORE than their Jedi powers under THOSE robes....

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Reviewed by: Fringefeed


Review by Amber Blake | 24 January 2024

Star Wars fans, rejoice. A burlesque variety show based on all your favourite characters has landed at FRINGE WORLD!


Ewoks twerking? Yep. Yoda lip-synching? Yep. Darth Vader rocking sequins? You bet. If you have never imagined Star Wars themed burlesque you’ve been living your life in ‘Alderaan’ places.


This show is as full of Jedi references as a Jawa junk shop. Even the songs used are soundtrack parodies or well-known music with reworked lyrics to match the intergalactic theme.


Yoda is the emcee, introducing the show and each act with a nod to Star Wars in every sentence. The audience is encouraged to show their appreciation of the cheeky acts not with cheers but a loud PEW-PEW!


The burlesque is tasteful, sensual and often funny. Cute and quirky costumes contribute to the Star Wars experience and show off the smooth moves and a little skin here and there.


The superb Leia belly dance is a performance highlight, complete with neck-chain and gold bikini. With alluring precision, Leia transports the audience right back to Jabba the Hutt’s lair. R2D2 and C3PO serve up two of the spiciest droid dances this side of Tatooine. Anyone who has ever entertained a Star Wars character fantasy is well catered for here!


Serving up this raunchy take on the science-fiction favourite is Ardent Artiste Productions, an award-winning Perth company that prides themselves on making burlesque accessible and inclusive to all.


Well done to the AAP crew for paying attention to the tiny details that kept the Force so strong in this show- keep an ear out for the recorder rendition of the Star Wars theme and an eye out for the Vader-shaped pasties!


Don’t make the Wookie mistake of missing this. Find Star Warz: Denude at the Perth Town Hall this week only.

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